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We are from Cardedeu, near Barcelona. But in the world we live in, so connected, believe me, we are closer than you think.

And the last time you drank you had a hangover but... elKaribu is a project with a high ethical conscience and we have a satisfaction rate of 100%, don't believe it? Ask our customers! See for yourself here.

We like to help you and your project, that's why we cover the costs of the technical study of the ideation of your project and all its phases. Once you have all the information, your only question will be, when do we start?

Relax, let us guide you! We don't know how to fly a plane but we still fly... if only there was someone to take care of everything while I look out the window... elKaribu is the digital sherpa you didn't know you needed.

You won't get them, GUARANTEED ! We offer solutions, not problems! Our mission is to make yours more efficient and green.
Will you join the change?

We use thoughtful and organized methodologies to support you throughout the process and we ALWAYS deliver informative documents so that you have an instruction manual. We will not give you the furniture without instructions, don't worry.

If you have come this far, you must have some interest, don't you think?
Send us a WhatsApp or an email with the code "DIGITALIZEME" and we explain it to you plus an extra 5% discount. What do you think?