Respond to your customers' concerns, without limits.

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Artificial intelligence, natural responses.

elKaribot has a learning ability that allows him, following some guidelines, to improve the answers thanks to the interactions.
He is a little shy at first but once he lets go.... there is no shut him up!


A conversational bot is a computer program with which whom it's possible to have a pre-established conversation.
It can solve the most frequent doubts or provide information to your customers.

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How do they work?

By implementing the technology known as artificial intelligence. This allows the software to learn about the conversations made during its programming and during its operation. A clear example of this innovative technology is Google's or Apple's assistants.

What can I do?

Thanks to the implementation of elKaribot on your website you can get a more pleasant user experience. In addition, the interaction with your company will be more fluid and immediate, thus improving and facilitating customer service.

What about people?

It's very difficult to be everywhere, that's why a little help
from time to time doesn't hurt.

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Smart chatting

A conversational bot will never get close to a real interaction with your customers, that's why we establish moments in the conversation so that elKaribot redirects the customer to a more traditional method of communication. But we streamline interactions that can be solved in advance.

Guaranteed maintenance

In order for the bot to grow with your business we can analyze past conversations so that elKaribot is constantly innovating and protected from failures. We value the privacy of your customers and that is why we have security systems for the protection of their information.

Frequently asked questions

Of course! You can talk to our Karibot by clicking on the bubble at the bottom right of the screen or, if you prefer, you can talk with his brother here, try it!

No, when we program elKaribot we define, together with you, some possible dialogues and answers. It improves its ability to understand the customer, but it will never give an answer that has not been previously approved.

Of course! They are best at providing contact information or details such as your location on Google Maps, your opening hours or even brief explanations of your services.

We provide different answers for when it's not entirely clear. But thanks to those uncertainties, with our guidance, it can learn to understand what it should have answered and don't make the same mistake twice.

Yes, all conversations are recorded anonymously (unless the client does otherwise) and we have access to them to help you improve or find out what your website visitors are looking for.

Thanks to the maintenance we offer elKaribot is in constant improvement and protected in case of any error.

We are fans of Isaac Asimov and we will take it upon ourselves to show them to you. Especially Law 0.

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