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elKaribu Method

We implement a correlative process of innovation and sustainable optimisation that becomes the most agile method for your most cumbersome processes. For us, a correlative process is one that takes advantage of the knowledge in the specific field of the client and to which the elKaribu team's knowledge is added, thus always opting for the optimal solution for each case.


How do we apply our method?


Analysis of the situation

Search for possible opportunities and improvements within the framework of Industry 4.0 for each particular case. We firmly believe that we have the means to help you, therefore, we assume the first technical study of your project.

Problem definition

Definition of the steps and schedule to be followed to implement the required solution in the most efficient and immediate way. We always prioritize reducing the ecological footprint while adding value to the solution in the short, medium and long term.

Ideation and study

The solution is the result of a mix of co-creation workshops with the client and an interactive design process applying the basic rules of an engineering design process based on research, design, creativity and innovation. We use simulations and interactive prototyping to define the functionalities.

Implementation and training

Implementation of the proposal and creation of systems for performance evaluation and, if necessary, introduction and training of the system to users.

Personalised attention and constant improvement

We accompany eyou at all times through 24/7customer support services. mplementation of improvements and updates through instant feedback mechanisms. No process is perfect right away, it is a relentless effort that requires an honest analysis followed by adjustments and improvements..


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