Affordable software solutions for the digital optimization of your business

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Disruptive functionality, maintenance and pricing

From elKaribu we believe that digital tools should not be a luxury and that is why we look for the best open source projects to grow the community.

Digital tools?

Digital tools are considered to be all those computer programs that allow you to improve the day-to-day running of your business so that you can focus on what really matters.

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What do they allow?

Thanks to this type of software you can facilitate communication with your customers, better organize your visits, store information about your customers for later campaigns, monitor the visits to your website, automate your processes... The opportunities are endless, it is only a matter of telling us what your problem is and we will provide you with the solution.

Very complex...

We take care of the entire installation process and initial configuration so that you only have to worry about starting to use it with informative documents.
If you are not convinced, you can always send us a WhattsApp.

Time management

Time is one of the most valuable resources in existence. Let's start taking care of it.


Meeting management

Branding of your company

Customized link

Google Calendar y Zoom

Notification of meetings

Customized duration

For those with a propensity to have more meetings than they should.

Start creating time for your clients or coworkers to meet with you.

Organise yourself to get more done.


Centralise your links

More than 15 links

Customizable logos

Link inside your website

Easy to modify

In this day and age it is difficult to remember all the links we have.

Put them all together in one place, with your branding.

Give your customers all the information you can offer them.

Data management

Join the era of data and start using it to your advantage!


Organize your customers

Centralise your suppliers

Schedule your meetings

Manage your sales

Plan your actions

A CRM allows you to have in one place all the information you need about your customers and suppliers, thus facilitating the management of your business.

Create a database to speed up your decisions.

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Automated responses

Learning and improvement

Guaranteed maintenance

Artificial intelligence

A conversational bot is a computer programme with which it is possible to hold a pre-established conversation.

It solves the most frequent doubts or provides information to your customers.

Do you want it?